The team of Companate’s top-class legal professionals will find the most efficient immigration solution to suit your specific needs. We benefit from the wide spectrum of global and local expert knowledge, brought by the expansive international partnership network. This means you will not be caught by surprise by any hurdles of foreign legal practices. We understand how significant a decision to obtain a citizenship is, that’s why Companate’s dedicated support team is here to guide you through all the challenges and help make the best decision.

For high-net-worth individuals from certain countries, citizenship by investment is an ideal solution to quite literally expand their world. And the benefits are plentiful and varied. For some it’s a way to leverage commercial opportunities and take advantage of developed economic and financial systems. For others, citizenship for investment might be a way to secure a comfortable life for their families and a good education for their children. Since the range of needs in the market is so broad, so is the range of potential solutions. Varying in their advantages and benefits from country to country.

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