Few people or businesses would need more reasons beyond the fact that it is part of the USA, the biggest and most advanced economy in the world. Companies enjoy access to the top-of-the-class financial, legal and commercial institutions. One of the most dynamic and entrepreneurial societies in the world, the States attract millions of individuals and businesses to its shores.

A surprise to many, but over 60% of all Fortune 500 companies are incorporated specifically in Delaware. And the reason for that is a business-friendly approach to taxation in the state. Not only the rate of corporate tax is very low at 8.7%, but the additional contributions from companies, such as franchise and LLC taxes, are mostly limited to a flat fee. In addition to that, Delaware’s separate legal system is highly agile and places a lot of emphasis on doing business. The paperless process of incorporating a company in the state is purposefully quick and easy.

Being the biggest economy and a de facto financial capital of the world, the United States has fostered a highly attractive investment climate. The US Dollar is one of the most traded and stable currencies in the world, which should further reassure investors in the choice of their capital’s destination. So should the well developed financial infrastructure, limited government involvement in the economy and innovation-driven markets.

Key Facts

Delaware, USA


North East USA


0.95 million

Neighboring countries

Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey

Average temperature (summer)

66.2°F (19°C)

Average temperature (winter)

47.3°F (8°C)



Form of government

Constitutional Republic

Corporate tax rate



US dollar


$71.5 billion

GDP growth




Unemployment rate


Average salary


Key industries

Finance, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Insurance

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