The small Baltic nation of Estonia attracts people from around the world primarily due to its membership in the EU, enabling them to live and work anywhere on the continent. There’s more to it, however. One of the most technologically developed countries in the world, Estonia offers its citizens digital infrastructure unmatched by any other country. The extent of government’s provision of communication services and the range of e-solutions available strongly differentiate this country from any other. This is, in addition to the provision of free education and healthcare.

Estonia is famous for its e-residency programme, an initiative that gives access to a range of the government’s digital services. Although it’s neither a passport nor a visa, e-residency allows people from around the world to establish and operate an EU-based business. The excellence of Estonia’s digital infrastructure also encompases protection of its residents and businesses. The country offers the most advanced cyber security capabilities, which have now proved themselves more important than ever.

A strong economy only adds to the attractiveness of this northern nation as an investment destination. Membership in the European Union gives businesses and individual investors access to the second biggest market in the world as well as the world-class financial infrastructure and expertise.

Key Facts


Northern Europe


1.31 million

Neighboring countries

Latvia, Russia

Average temperature (summer)

64°F (18°C)

Average temperature (winter)

23°F (-5°C)



Form of government


Corporate tax rate





$23.1 billion

GDP growth




Unemployment rate


Average salary


Key industries

Information Technology, Financial Services, Engineering

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