Located on the southernmost tip of the Iberian peninsula, the historical and economic importance of Gibraltar can’t be underestimated thanks to the fact that it lies on the maritime border between Europe and Africa. In spite of the very small population, the rich immigration history resulted in Gibraltar’s unique and truly fascinating ethnic composition. The government offers extensive support to its citizens including grants for education in the UK, due to the two countries’ historic and social ties.

The flat 10% corporate tax rate is what attracts international entrepreneurs and enterprises looking to establish their presence abroad. The ease of setting up a company and minimised bureaucratic procedures are also in the list of reason why. Although not a part of the EU customs union, Gibraltar is seen, for the purposes of the law, as a part of the UK. This means that any trade taking place between “the Rock” and Great Britain is seen as trade between member states. This opens up the 6th biggest market in the world to businesses operating in Gibraltar, as well as gives them access to the world class legal and financial frameworks.

With no taxes on investment or dividends, Gibraltar is seen by many as an attractive destination for their capital. The rapidly developing banking industry with a strong international outlook is offering businesses and individuals the required tools to effectively and safely manage their assets. The modern port, proximity to Africa and connection between the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea are the main pillars of the flourishing international trade. The recent opening of the World Trade Centre and the UK’s reassurance of post-Brexit preferential relations with Gibraltar should further support the sustained growth and development of the country.

Key Facts


Iberian Peninsula (Mediterranean)


0.04 million

Neighboring countries


Average temperature (summer)


Average temperature (winter)




Form of government

Constitutional Monarchy (British Overseas Territory)

Corporate tax rate



British pound


$1.9 billion

GDP growth




Unemployment rate


Average salary


Key industries

Financial Services, Tourism, Shipping

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