One of the most internationally-minded countries in the world, Hong Kong has welcomed millions of companies and individuals over the years. Being a major cultural and economic hub, it attracts ambitious individuals and enterprises from all over the world opening up countless opportunities. 

Hong Kong prides itself on being economically-minded, so the ease of doing business is one of the key priorities for the country. Zero-tolerance approach to corruption and tax incentives for special business operations help companies to thrive in Hong Kong. So does the low profit tax of 16.5%. Access to Mainland China, without a doubt, is one of the key attractions for exporting and expanding businesses. Trade also flourishes in Hong Kong with its major port bringing in goods from all over the globe.

Hong Kong is, beyond other things, a prominent financial hub. One the largest in the world, in fact. The top-class financial infrastructure enables banks, investment firms, hedge funds and other institutions to offer top-class services. Service providers in Hong Kong are held to very high standards in their practices, reporting and operations. This gives companies and individuals additional confidence when investing and doing business.

Key Facts


South-East Asia


7.4 million

Neighbouring countries


Average temperature (summer)

84°F (29°C)

Average temperature (winter)

61°F (16°C)


English / Chinese

Form of government

Special Administrative Region of China

Corporate tax rate



Hong Kong dollar


$429.6 billion

GDP growth




Unemployment rate


Average salary


Key industries

Financial Services

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