The highest in Africa Human Development Index is a major reason why Mauritius is seen as an attractive destination for life and work. The government welcomes talented and ambitious individuals willing to work or invest in the country, and runs dedicated programmes to encourage the inflow. Citizens of this island nation enjoy free education, well-developed infrastructure and, above all, a tropical climate, warm ocean and a unique mixture of peoples and cultures.

From the business standpoint, the low corporate tax of 15% on its own is enough to make international business and entrepreneurs consider Mauritius. Beyond that, however, the substantial tax credits for Global Business Category 1 reduce the effective tax paid to only 3%. The ease of forming a company only adds to the attractiveness of the islands. A confidently growing economy, stable government and educated affordable workforce are also among the reasons why.

Mauritius, an aspiring trade and investment hub, is attracting capital from all over the world. Absence of the capital gains tax and withholding tax on dividends undoubtedly plays a role in this. So do the sound financial system, positive economic forecasts and the openness to international business.

Key Facts


South East of the coast of Africa


1.2 million

Average temperature (summer)

79°F (26°C)

Average temperature (winter)

70°F (21°C)


English / French

Form of government

Parliamentary Republic

Corporate tax rate



Mauritian rupee


$23.3 billion

GDP growth




Unemployment rate


Average salary


Key industries

Financial Services, Textiles, Sugar

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