It’s a big, often scary decision to obtain a foreign passport and the frustratingly meticulous and complicated process is likely to deter many. But do not worry. Our team of multi-lingual immigration experts and lawyers will guide you through all the stages of the process and take care of all the formalities. Companate has decades of experience to offer to its clients in order to pave the quickest and most efficient route to dual citizenship for them. Membership in the global partnership network allows Companate to effectively leverage immigration opportunities, no matter where you’re planning to settle.

Depending on your selected destination, you may be eligible for a government assistance programme or other incentives, since some countries actively look to attract high net worth individuals to their shores. Others, however, will have much more stringent requirements when it comes to issuing residency permits and passports, and are likely to have a higher investment threshold. All depends on your goals and ambitions. Are you looking to secure access to the world-class European education for your children? Or are you eying a spot for comfortable retirement somewhere in the Caribbean?


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