Made up of 115 islands, all proudly boasting unforgettable scenery and unique fauna, the Seychelle islands are one stunning place to live and work. This, of course, is not just due to the nice views and plentiful of diving opportunities. The Seychelles have the highest GDP per capita in Africa, as well as one of the highest Human Development Index on the continent.

Countless international businesses of all shapes and sizes have found home in the Seychelles over the years. And for a good reason. The islands offer 0% corporate tax to International Business Companies, or IBCs. Not only that but the government also actively supports small business and entrepreneurship in the country through various means, such as trade incentives and lowered bureaucratic burden. All that, coupled with a strong stable economy, makes the Seychelles an attractive destination for international companies.

International investment in property on the Seychelles is, unsurprisingly, highly popular, since owning real estate in the country automatically qualifies the buyer for permanent residency. Absence of the capital gain tax, only adds to attractiveness of the Seychelles in the eyes of high net worth individuals throughout the world. Stable government and economy, in turn, create a positive investment climate

Key Facts


Sub-Saharan Africa


0.95 million

Neighbouring Countries

Zanzibar, Mauritius, Rodrigues (maritime borders)

Average temperature (summer)

82°F (28°C)

Average temperature (winter)

78°F (26°C)


English / French / Seselwa

Form of government

Presidential Republic

Corporate tax rate



Seychellois rupee


$1.43 billion

GDP growth




Unemployment Rate


Average salary


Key industries

Tourism, Fishing, Real Estate

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