For numerous reasons, Singapore is considered to be a great place to visit, work and settle. It is ranked fifth in the UN Human Development Index, offering its residence world-class infrastructure, financial and social institutions, and exciting opportunities for work or leisure. Not to mention the country’s unique cuisine, vibrant culture and pleasant tropical climate.

Having increased its GDP per capita more than 100-fold in the span of only 50 years, Singapore is one of the most remarkable economic success stories of last century and is rightfully named one of the four Asian Tigers economies. This small nation outputs $53,000 per citizen, which is more than the UK and Germany, and on par with the USA. Singapore is amongst the most technology-ready countries, according to WEF, and is leading the way for the global digital economy. It was also named the world’s easiest place to do business, partly due to the progressive corporate tax system starting as low as 6%.

Singapore, astonishingly, has been at the top of the BER league table of cities with the best investment potential for more than a decade. The importance of such consistency and strength of economic performance for the global investors cannot be overestimated. This young city-state has been attracting capital from all over the world thanks to its busy port, booming trade and housing the third-largest foreign exchange market.

Key Facts


South East Asia


5.6 Million

Neighboring countries


Average temperature (summer)


Average temperature (winter)



English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil

Form of government

Parliamentary Republic

Corporate tax rate



Singapore dollar


$279 billion

GDP growth




Unemployment rate


Key industries

Oil, Financial services, Manufacturing

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