Arguably one of the first truly capitalist nations in the world, Great Britain is a stern bastion of market economy, finance and business. Its opportunities, both professional and personal, attract millions of people visiting or looking to invest and settle. No surprise, as the country’s rich heritage and unique society, consisting of over 270 nationalities, come together to create an unmatched experience.

The UK, being the 2nd and 5th biggest economy in the EU and the world respectively, is home to 40% of the top 250 global companies. With so much capital and talent attracted to the islands, Britain emerges as one of the most dynamic markets in the world. The country was voted number 1 for entrepreneurship in Europe on several occasions, thanks to the breadth of government support and the range of utilities available to new enterprises. Currently 19%, the corporation tax is expected to be lowered to 17% by 2020, far below the G20 average, which acts as a further incentive for businesses to come to the UK.

Britain is undeniably a strong candidate for the Europe’s financial capital. It hosts the third largest stock market in the world, which draws businesses and capital from around the globe. In spite of the uncertainty associated with Brexit, the strong science, engineering, and financial industries as well as the positive trade and regulatory implications of leaving the common market induce confidence in the on-going prosperity of the UK.

Key Facts


Northern Europe


65.64 million

Neighboring countries

Republic of Ireland, France (maritime border)

Average temperature (summer)

66°F (19°C)

Average temperature (winter)

41°F (5°C)



Form of government

Constitutional Monarchy

Corporate tax rate



British pound


‎$2.6 trillion

GDP growth




Unemployment rate


Average salary


Key industries

Financial Services, Business Services, Pharmaceuticals

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