Companate will not only help you to navigate the often confusing VAT registration procedure but will also take an in-depth look at your organization and its finances to see if registering for VAT is the right thing to do, given your levels of turnover. Thanks to the broad experience and expert knowledge, our team of business and taxation advisors will find the quickest and most effective solution to minimize your costs, monetarily and otherwise. We will guide you through the registration process and explain in detail how to work it, depending on the requirements of your business.

Unsurprisingly, different countries and trading blocs have different regulations regarding value added tax and reporting systems to capture it. It is often a cumbersome exercise to register and even understand these regulatory processes in complicated environments, such as EU. Some countries, however, do not have VAT altogether or have much more simplified systems in place, with a view of stimulating business activity within their borders.

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