In spite of the rapidly accelerating globalization trends, most people are still faced with a number of frustrating relocation restrictions. And dealing with those can be a major annoyance. That is why our team of experienced immigration specialists is here to guide you through all the hurdles of obtaining a visa. Companate will minimize your time input and provide application advice, whether you’re looking to travel for work, leisure or study. We also provide comprehensive visa support to businesses looking to attract international talent.

Unsurprisingly, some countries are more rigorous when deciding whom to let within their borders. Most European countries have an extensive list of required documents and conditions that need to be met for the applicant to be allowed in. Those seeking to work and study there will be faced with a set of even higher standards. Other countries, however, are much more lax when admitting visitors. Many even offer targeted incentives to attract talented individuals to live and work there.

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