With the rapid evolution of the digital business environment, it is hard to stay on top of what is required from a complaint business. The regulators around the world are not planning to ease the grip either, with much more regulation on the horizon. And that is why Companate’s specialist digital team closely follows the most recent best practices to develop an effective sustainable online presence for your business. The expert legal, technical and ecommerce knowledge allows us to fully understand your company’s requirements and find an optimal solution.

Not every country felt the regulatory impact in the digital space to the same extent. Not yet, at least. While some governments reduce the regulatory barrier as a mean of attracting more business into the country, others try to mitigate any potential risks presented by the new medium. The European Union, unsurprisingly, is known for its ever-strengthening legal control over the online space. It is justified, given the harm some poorly handled customer data can made. Yet, this forces businesses looking to operate in the global space to follow the strict rulebook, with failure to do so leading to civil, or in some cases, criminal liability.

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