Companate is a team of experienced legal consultants, accountants and business consultants united by the clear objective of delivering meaningful tangible results for the clients. We help businesses and individuals fully benefit from some of the most attractive legal, tax and financial infrastructures around the world.

Members of our senior team among them share decades of experience in International and European law, dispute resolution and business, as part of top-tier firms as well as independent consultants. Now, they’ve brought together top-class specialists to enable ambitious businesses and individuals across the globe to get access to the most favourable jurisdictions in respect of legal and economic conditions.

The diverse, highly knowledgeable talent is undoubtedly Companate’s biggest strength. The wide range of skills across corporate tax, commercial and immigration law, banking and finance allows us to offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions for businesses as well as individuals.

We also recognise that establishing oneself or one’s business in a different country requires a wealth of highly specialist knowledge. That is why at the core of our capabilities is the thorough in-depth understanding of the markets we help our clients operate in.

Nonetheless, the fast-paced business environment of today dictates the need to constantly expand the scope of knowledge and capabilities. That is why, here at Companate, we continuously develop and widen our network of partnerships with International and European businesses and legal institutions.

If you’re looking to establish yourself or your business in a foreign country, the Companate team will support you with the best-in-class legal and financial advice as well as in-depth knowledge of the local business environments.

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